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Mikaela + Ben Wedding

Amazing evening of love and family in the Oregon country side! Here, is the full version of their video but we they were also delivered 3 different 60 sec versions for social media, a vows cut (around 6 minutes), and, my special, a vintage home version also called "super 8"

Product Videos

Product video of Courthouse Club Fitness's "Challenge Tool Kit." We needed this simple packaging to look as epic as humanly possible. We set up so moody lighting and set it to a dramatic tune.


The biggest trouble people often have when wanting to create a video for business is developing the idea. We have worked with dozens of businesses and individuals to establish a purpose/goal for a project and then tailor a script that will accomplish that goal. This method has led to drastic increase in sales 90% of the case if you were wondering if it's worth it!



Demographic #1:

This video was angled toward younger men. The transitions are flashier, the clips are more focused on value, and the main guy is the star. Details are important, even the way the text is written is different from the female version to denote the importance on time and resources.


Demographic #2:

This video was angled toward younger women. Unlike the male version, this video was centered on relationships and how the main character felt. Our hero is growing and developing. In the uncut version, she even boxes, plays racquetball, and relaxes by the pool with her newly-made friends.

Considering Matthew Shepard's Commercial

Choral work commissioned by Western Oregon University about a concert titled "Considering Matthew Shepard." It is an emotional passion based on the life and death of Matthew Shepard and so the video needed to reflect that. The group had so much passion and energy that it made my job a lot easier. We then scripted and recorded a voice-over with Dr. Reddan, the choir director.

31 YOU

"Accept the Challenge" is the slogan! A 31-day fitness challenge video that is based on a Myzone Fitness Trackers and some superb guidance from the Personal Trainers at Courthouse Club Fitness. We needed to not only emphasize that the challenge was simple and fun but also detail some of the facets of the challenge.

It's A Lifestyle

Video at Courthouse Club Fitness in the Salem/Keizer area of Oregon. We wanted to highlight all the features of the multifaceted gym, emphasizing smiles and the interactions of all the people and places of the facility.

Super 8 Versions

Take a unique experience and put it into a unique format with my super 8 "Vintage Home Video" versions. These are an easy add-on for any video project